A Simple and Effective Laptop Alarm System

Have you ever wanted to catch someone in the act of moving your laptop with your knowledge? Laptops are portable, and friends can be mischievous, so it's bound to happen, right? Well, with this simple tip, you can now thwart their devious efforts (and have some fun at the same time)!

For $0.99 US, you can download an app from the Mac App Store called "Laptop Security Alarm". This is a simple app that does one thing... it sounds an annoying alarm whenever your MacBook's power adapter is disconnected from the MacBook. To silence the alarm, simply reconnect the power.

This isn't the most advanced security app for protecting your MacBook. For example, you can bypass the alarm by clicking on the app icon in the menu bar and choosing to Quit the app, but it's certainly useful. It's also fun. How so? Well, for starters, you can either use the default alarm sound (play the video above to hear it), or you can create your own (using GarageBand, for example) with anything you want... dogs barking, cats meowing or even you yelling "Hey, get your dirty hands off my MacBook!!". It's totally up to you! To choose your own audio file, click on the app icon, then choose "Choose audio file".

That's it!

Posted on May 27, 2016 and filed under How To, Mac.