Tech 102: iOS Fundamentals

The introduction of the Apple iPhone in 2007 opened the flood gates to true mobile computing. It wasn't because the iPhone was the first true mobile computing device (remember the Palm Pilot, Psion Series 3 and Handspring Visor?), but because the iPhone was the first truly user-friendly mobile device. Since the iPhone, Apple has also introduced the iPad, iPad mini and iPod Touch. The one similarity between all four devices is the Operating System (known as iOS)... the software that makes the device run. This course helps you to harness the real power that iOS offers (for the record, it's incredibly powerful, yet easy to use if you know what to look for). The course is suitable for all users, from the beginner to the expert.

What we'll cover

  • Brief history of iOS
  • What is iCloud?
  • Introduction to apps
  • iTunes Store (apps + multimedia)
  • App recommendations
  • AirPlay
  • AirPrint
  • Best practices
  • Did you know?” tips-and-tricks

We'll also touch on

  • Calendar sharing
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Remote
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • iMessage
  • iBooks
  • Maps
  • Contacts

Additional Information

  • Minimum Class Size: 6 attendees
  • Maximum Class Size: 10 attendees
  • Additional Requirements: iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Cost: $75/attendee