Tech 201: Mac & Mac OS X

When Michael Dell (founder of Dell Computer) was asked in the late 90’s what he would do with Apple if he were in charge, he famously said he would “shut the company down and give the money back to the shareholders”. Apple is undoubtedly one of the (if not the) largest tech companies today, outpacing all other hardware makers in year-over-year growth. I’ve been using the Mac heavily for over 8 years now. In that time, I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in using the system. If your looking for ways to really improve your use of your Mac, you definitely need to attend this course.

What we'll cover

  • Brief history of Macintosh
  • Making the switch from Windows
  • Running Windows apps on Mac
  • System Preferences
  • Automator
  • AirPlay
  • Apple App Store
  • Best practices
  • “Did you know?” tips-and-tricks

We'll also touch on

  • iCloud

Additional Information

  • Minimum Class Size: 6 attendees
  • Maximum Class Size: 10 attendees
  • Cost: $75/attendee